Custom Fourslide Machines

Fourslide tooling cost compared to a progressive die cost can be up to 50% lower. How is this possible? Hugin Components has designed and built several custom Fourslide machines to extremely close tolerances. These machines are not available commercially, and are equipped with unique attachments. These attachments, plus the normal forming motions of a Fourslide machine, lend  themselves to lower-cost tooling and product, while holding extremely tight tolerances. Benefits using Custom Fourslide machines are:

Benefits using Custom Fourslide machines are:

  • Material thickness from .0015 thru .030 thick
  • Strip width .050 thru 1.500 inches wide
  • Wire up to .078 diameter
  • In die forming from the front, rear and vertical motion
    (This reduces cost due to less tooling required)
  • Reel to reel production
    (Used for automatic assemblies and injection molding machines)
  • Loose pieces
    (when automation is not required)
  • Roll forming with custom cut and count
    (Built in counters to cut custom lengths such as EMI / RFI gaskets)
  • Extruding for Tapping / Roll forming
    (extruding is used to increase material thickness for tapping in thin materials)
  • Bowl feeders
    (feeding loose pieces for automatic assemblies)
  • Others

For wire and strip forming applications, Hugin Components also uses Nilson Fourslide machines ranging in model sizes from OO’S, 700, S1, and S2-F

Materials Used

We are capable of employing materials of all types and sizes with all materials ROHS and DFARS compliant.

HCI uses ferrous and non-ferrous alloys such as:

  • Beryllium Copper
  • Stainless Steel Alloys
  • Copper Alloys
  • Exotic Metals
  • Per-Plated and Clad Metals

Material Sizes used in Fourslide machines:

  • Strip Thickness .0015 to .050 inch
  • Strip Width .050 to 2.500 inches
  • Wire Diameter .003 to .156 inches